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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

clean and jerk

In order for the jerk to be successful the dip and drive first needs to be addressed.

There are several aspects of the dip and drive that have to be done right in order for the jerk not to be affected negatively. firstly; both the dip and drive have to be straight. This is where most people tend to mess up. They have got the split-jerk footwork in place, they are fast and snappy under the bar, but somehow, the jerk always tends to be the one factor affecting the outcome of the jerk. If the dip is forward, the drive will be forward, thus the jerk will be forward. To ensure a straight dip and drive an emphasis has to be put into breaking at the knees and at the hip simultaneously. If they don’t, guess what happens? Yeah, the jerk will highly likely be forward. Secondly; the foot pressure has to be right. Although pressure will be distributed through the whole foot, the majority of the pressure should be towards the heel. This will ensure a more stable base and it will encourage a straight dip and drive. Lastly; the elbows need to stay high during the dip and drive. High elbows will do three things: secure the bar in the front rack position during the movement, keep the extension in the thoracic spine rigid and strong, and decrease the distance in which the arms have to move to get to the overhead position, resulting in a faster lockout.

    All too often do athletes drop their elbows, thinking that it will put them in a better position to push the bar overhead in a vertical manner. What they don’t fully grasp is that in weightlifting the legs do ninety-five percent of the work, including moving the bar from the front rack to overhead.

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