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Kim Un-Guk (62kg)from North Korea snatching 150kg at the 2011 world championships, held in Disneyland in Paris, France. Kim Un-Guk Clean & Jerked 170kg to make a total of 320kg to receive a silver medal.

Everything that has been done previously in the snatch will contribute to how and where the lifter will receive the bar at the bottom of a snatch. If the hang position is off it will be forward, cut the triple extension shoRt and it will also go forward. Everything comes down to this point.

Receiving the bar at the bottom of the snatch is the position which requires the most amount of speed, coordination, timing, mobility, and patients. The more optimised the each one of those attributes are, the more kilos can be added to the bar. If you’re fast, you’ll get away with a shorter pull. If your mobility is great you’ll have more room to sit into. If your timing is good you’ll eliminate the possibility of an elbow bend. You get the idea!

Unlike the clean and jerk, patients at the bottom of the receiving position is vital in the snatch! Since the weight of the bar is relatively light, compared to the clean and jerk, a lifter will always be strong enough to stand it up. HOWEVER, because the bar is placed at a greater distance away from the centre of mass in the snatch, versus the clean and jerk, movement in any direction will have a bigger impact on the lifter's balance. This is where staying in the bottom position until COMPLETE balance has been achieved is so important before standing it up.

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